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Presentation of the Finasucre Group

The group produces raw, direct consumption raw, white and refined sugar from cane and beet and markets these to industrial clients and to retail outlets in many different types of packaging. It also manufactures an entire line of caramels and speciality sugar.

It sells renewable energy in the form of electricity, alcohol, molasses, beet pulps and other products used for animal feed.

Through its Galactic subsidiary, Finasucre is a large producer of lactic acid and its derivatives, also carrying out research into biodegrable and recyclable plastics. Finasucre is also involved in the engineering and production of equipment for sugar mills.

The group has factories in Belgium, the Netherlands, Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia, China and the United States.

The group operates a concession of 11,700 hectares growing sugar cane in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has 14,700 hectares of arable land in Australia, as well as 4,900 hectares of land with a development potential.

For the year ended 31 March 2017, the group recorded a turnover of € 407 million and net assets of € 539 million. The group employs 2,630 people worldwide on a permanent basis and about 942 people during the campaign to produce 621,000 tons of sugar.

Finasucre is convinced of the future importance of sugar as a source of renewable energy and it plans to develop this new aspect of the business while continuing to expand current uses of natural sweeteners in all of its markets. 

Finasucre is also diversifying into different sectors and making direct or indirect investments in companies that represent significant potential for growth.Naturex, in which the group is the leading shareholder, illustrates the eagerness of the Group to diversify its investments.



Annual reports


2018 sugar campaign in Democratic Republic Congo 2018 sugar campaign in Democratic Republic Congo The campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo was completed on November 13, after 172 days. The total production reached 90,347 tons of sugar. This represents a new record for Compagnie Sucrière in Kwilu-Ngongo.
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Australia - Organic first for Bundaberg Sugar A first for Bundaberg Sugar is growing and processing organic raw sugar after achieving Australian Certified Organic (ACO) status. Download...
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Statements of the European Commission regarding the extension of the Sugar regime till 30 September 2017 and about the CAP reform The European Commission publishes its common agricultural policy for the coming years and confirms the abolition of the European sugar quotas as from the campaign 2017. Political...
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Merger of Groupe Sucrier SA into Finasucre SA By deed dated 18 January 2013, pronouncing its dissolution without liquidation, Groupe Sucrier  SA was absorbed by its parent company Finasucre SA. All assets, rights, liabilities and commitments of Groupe Sucrier SA, without exception or qualification, are transferred to Finasucre. The...
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Projet de fusion simplifiée par absorption de Groupe Sucrier SA par Finasucre SA Projet de fusion simplifiée par absorption de Groupe Sucrier SA par Finasucre SA Download pdf
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Acquisition of EuroBiotec by Galactic Galactic strengthens its R&D capacity with the acquisition of Eurobiotec Download...
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Reprise des actions minoritaires de la filiale Groupe Sucrier Finasucre SA a lancé, fin octobre 2012, une opération de reprise des actions minoritaires de sa filiale Groupe Sucrier en vue de réaliser la fusion simple de Groupe Sucrier absorbée par Finasucre.
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2012 sugar campaign in Democratic Republic Congo After a severe drought in the beginning of the year 2012, the campaign in DRC ended on 22 October 2012. Sugar production : 63.407 tons Crushed...
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Acquisition of Decas Botanical Synergies by Naturex Naturex, world leader in specialty plant-based ingredients, announces the acquisition of Decas Botanical Synergies Download...
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Aedifica - Communiqué annuel - Résultats annuels 2011/2012 Communiqué de presse - 4 septembre 2012 Télécharger...
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Acquisition of Valentine Agro Ltd by Naturex Naturex gains a foothold in India withe the acquition of Valentine Agro Ltd Download...
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Definitive completion of the acquisition of Pektowin SA door Naturex Definitive completion of the acquisition of Pektowin SA Download pdf
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Position of the European Sugar Producers on the Reform of the European Common Market Organisation (CMO) for Sugar Position of the European Sugar Producers on the Reform of the European Common Market Organisation (CMO) for Sugar Know more
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Acquisition of Burgundy Botanical Extracts by Naturex Naturex announces the acquisition of Burgundy Botanical Extracts,strengthening...
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Arenberg - Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert L'avenir de l'Arenberg - Carte Blanche dans le Soir du 23 septembre Télécharger...
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