• 1869
    Founding of Moerbeke sugar mill

  • 1929
    Founding of Finasucre, a family holding company, to bring together the assets in Moerbeke and Escanaffles sugar mills in Belgium 

  • 1982
    Acquisition of 100% of Moerbeke sugar mill 
    Sucrerie Moerebeke 1982

  • 1986
    Take-over of Sogesucre holding company, owner of the Compagnie Sucrière of Kwilu-Ngongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    Sucrerie 1986

  • 1988
    Acquisition of Frasnes sugar mill 
    Sucrerie Frasnes 1988

  • 1989
    Merger of Sogesucre with Moerbeke and Frasnes sugar mills to create Groupe Sucrier 
    Sucrerie Moerebeke 1989

  • 1990
    Closing of Escanaffles sugar mill; conversion of the site into a lactic acid factory in 1994, operated by Galactic
    Sucrerie Galactic 1990

  • 2000
    Acquisition of Bundaberg Sugar in Australia 
    Sucrerie Bundaberg 2000

  • 2003
    Acquisition of Euro Star factory in The Netherlands
    Sucrerie Eurostar 2003

  • 2003
    Founding of Iscal Sugar from the merger of the sugar mills of Moerbeke, Frasnes, Fontenoy and Veurne
    Sucrerie Iscal 2003

  • 2004
    Closing of Frasnes sugar mill 
    Sucrerie betteraves 2004

  • 2005
    Opening of lactic acid factory in Bengbu, China 
    Sucrerie Bengbu 2005

  • 2006
    Closing of Veurne sugar mill 
    Sucrerie Veurne 2006

  • 2006
    Closing of Mourilyan sugar mill in Australia 
    Sucrerie cannes 2006

  • 2007
    Closing of the Moerbeke plant at the end of the campaign and abandonment of one-third of the production quota 
    Sucrerie 2007

  • 2007
    Setting up by Galactic, in conjunction with Total Petrochemicals, of Futerro, a biodegradable plastics research firm 
    Sucrerie 2007

  • 2007
    Founding of Socagrim in Congo to implement a real property project in Kinshasa 

  • 2009
    Repurchase by Finasucre of 20% of its own shares and their immediate cancellation 
    Sucrerie sucre 2009

  • 2010
    Moving of the Speciality Sugars division to the Initialis Parc in Mons  
    Sucrerie Speciality Mons 2010

  • 2010
    Inauguration of Futerro, Belgian community subsidiary company of Galactic and Total, pilot industrial unit producing PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) 
    Sucrerie Futerro 2010

  • 2010
    Acquisition of a 25% participation in the Société Civile Anonyme des Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert 
    Sucrerie Galeries Royales 2010

  • 2010
    Participating interest of 5,46% in Aedifica (Sicafi), the main Belgian listed property company, which is specialised in residential real estate 
    Sucrerie Aedifica 2010

  • 2010
    Investment in BeCapital Private Equity (Sicar), specialising in investing in green technology or manufactured products companies 
    Sucrerie Be Capital 2010

  • 2010
    Finasucre bought convertible bonds in Green Drinks Cy (Holdings) Ltd, specialised in the development and commercialisation of machines to distribute cold drinks 
    Sucrerie Green Drinks 2010

  • 2011
    Participating interest in the Holding S.G.D. that owns 20,8% of Naturex, a French manufacturer of natural speciality ingredients for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal Care industries Sucrerie Green Drinks 2010

  • 2012
    Squeeze-out by Finasucre on the minority shares in Groupe Sucrier followed by a simplified merger by absorption of Groupe Sucrier in Finasucre

  • 2013
    Takeover of the Holding S.G.D. that owns 20,8% of Naturex, a French manufacturer of natural speciality ingredients for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal Care industries

  • 2013
    Purchase of a building in Brisbane

  • 2013
    Galactic opens its research centre in Brussels

  • 2014
    Start of the construction of an apartment building in Kinshasa

  • 2014
    Acquisition of shares of Compagnie Het Zoute

  • 2014
    Participation in the capital increase of the Galeries Royales Saint Hubert

  • 2015
    Increase in S.G.D. capital to participate in the Naturex capital increase

  • 2015
    Aedifica - capital increase

  • 2015
    Kwilu Rum won a Gold medal (2nd price) at the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles competition, which took place in Guiyang, China, end August 2015

  • 2016
    Purchase of a building for the Head Office of Finasucre at 36 rue de la Gare, 1040 Brussels (August)

  • 2016
    Acquisition of the company Alldra by Iscal Sugar BV (October)

  • 2016
    Startup of the brickyard Kwilu Briques in DRC (December)

  • 2018
    Sale of direct and indirect shares in Naturex and S.G.D.

  • 2018
    Investment in Jab Consumer Fund SCA SICAR – Global Consumer Brands II

  • 2019
    Investment in Ÿnsect, France

  • 2019
    Investment in the company Global Baby, New Zealand

  • 2019
    Macadamia nuts orchards acquisition in Welcome Creek and Winfield, Australia

  • 2019
    Acquisition of shares in the companies Milkadamia International Holding Pty Ltd and Jindilli International Holding Pty Ltd, Australia

  • 2020
    Acquisition of the company Macadamia Direct in Dunoon, Australia



Turnover :
328 million €
Annual production :
453,000 tons of sugar
White beetsugar :
210,900 tons
Raw sugar :
279,000 tons
Refined sugar :
122,000 tons
Others productions :
Lactic acid, alcohol (ethanol), molasses, beet pulps, equipment for sugar mills, electricity (renewable energy) 

Established in five continents,
Finasucre employs 2,630 people on a permanent basis
and about 942 seasonal workers at 11 production sites worldwide :


4 sites in Belgium (Iscal Sugar, Galactic, Iscal Sugar Caramel, Packaging and Warehouse facilities in Frasnes)

1 site in The Netherlands (Iscal Sugar Retail) 


1 site in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Compagnie Sucrière) 

North America

1 site in the United States (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 


1 site in China (B&G) 


2 sites in Queensland en one foundry producing equipment for sugar mills