Compagnie Sucrière Africa

Established in 1925 in Kwilu-Ngongo (Congo), Compagnie Sucrière is a mixed economy company in which the Congolese State has a 40% shareholding. Only sugar producer in the country, the Compagnie Sucrière comprises a cane sugar plantation, a sugar mill and a distillery. 

The finest alcohol produced by the company is reserved for “Kwilu Rum” which it has just launched on the local market. 

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Compagnie Sucrière has built a hospital, a network of health centres, a school, entertainment and cultural centres.

Snoep in 2010

Campaign 2020

Sugar mill

Sugar production  81,287 ton

Crushing capacity 5,500 t cane / day

Yield 83.5 ton / ha

Treated cane 816,000 ton

Cultivation 9,772 ha

Length of the campaign May-November



Permanent workers 1,484

Seasonal workers 1,055



Production 37,000 hl

Capacity 375 hl / day


Kwilu Rum – Commercial

Compagnie Sucrière

Kwilu Rum – dégustation (en lingala)